As the title implies, I am 31 a year old chick living in Canada.I am into manga, anime, video games, movies, books, music and a bunch of other things. (I recently discovered Sherlock). My favorite television show at the moment is "Person of Interest", my favorite band is "Depeche Mode", my favorite game is "Mass Effect 3" and I have a slight obsession with Tom Hiddleston. Enjoy your time in my somewhat insane world!

Marvel Sequels: No One Ever Gets a Haircut

Except for Black Widow…who gets her hair dyed….curled…cut and straightened.

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And thus aggressive Pacifism is born.

The best character ever tbh.

This man runs a country. Never forget.

And he runs it well. Like for all of his silliness, he’s such a good ruler and he’s quite wise. We see it before, but it’s really brought home in Revolution. He’s fantastic. Go Phil.


Its been nearly a year since this and it still gives me chills.

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Shelock season 03 dvd and Doritos…

I is going to be a nice evening.

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one son who doesn’t want the throne, another who wanted it too much

D’awww, he was so sweet and innocent at the beginning of the first Thor movie…

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she’s my sister. she would never hurt me.